The Rapalje Show – You and Maceál’s Hobbies

So, maybe there’s a hobby that you wish you had, then there’s a third kind of hobby and that’s the hobby that you used to have but that you forgot about it or you’re not doing it again because you have new hobbies The things I’m doing right now is making videos I really like to make videos and It is kind of hobby. I put more time in it and then I can ever afford to make money with it One of my hobbies I’m doing right now is building speaker systems like this: Loudspeakers, That you can see at our concerts because at many concerts from Rapalje You can hear and see my sound hobby.

The second kind of hobby is the things I used to do and I really want to do. One of them is doing sports. I really, really would love to do more sports: Running jumping and I also would do some fitness I did. I used to do some fitness like with the heavy weights fitness that’s something I did not do for a long time and that’s something I want to do again and there’s another hobby..

Please. Let me know in the comments. Think about what hobby you got. There are three types of hobbies: There’s a hobby you’re doing right now something to make you feel good. Something to spend your free time with to relax, to see other people or to be alone. There’s also a hobby that you want to do. Something that would be nice but maybe too expensive or maybe it is nothing that you think you can do or it is because you don’t have time or you think you don’t have time. Shooting bow is a really fine hobby it really lets you concentrate on one thing and you really have to do many things right before you can even think about getting the right shot.

Blacksmithing is a new hobby that I have and it’s something that I really, really wanted to do all my life. I guess something else would be a nice T-shirt to put on for this livestream because this is the T-shirt from Weltenkrieger. When you’re in a band or when you got something for me to listen to, to show Please send it over and I will put the music in the edit from Rapalje show. Let me hear about your hobbies please. Name a hobby you did do but are not doing again. A hobby you’re doing right now and you love and a hobby you really wish to do.

I’m going to look at your comments When you got a nice hobby, please send something over you’re making for you, for yourself, from somebody else or from me and I will show it in the next Rapalje Shows When I’m back in my studio or here my garden. I really love to see what you’re doing with your hobbies. One of my new hobbies will be that I will travel once a month and I will visit an interesting person with an interesting job or hobby. Maybe a musician you know Make a nice video of it.

This is a start for a better connectivity, better picture quality. This is the first time I really get the feeling that I can trust this set up Okay, some batteries are dying. That’s great! My camera battery My remote device And at the moment that I thought that everything went right That camera Shut off automatically after about half an hour of filming So now I’m back at my studio and thanks to our patrons at We’re able to do all these live streams To shoot all the videos.

To edit them, if you want to help us out, then become a patron. Go to and just try it for one dollar a month. First you can see all the goodies and all the tiers you’ll get from Patreon. And I also would like to thank the biggest sponsors on Patreon: Michael Witt, Simone Baumgartner, Lorna Wilbur, Penny Carlsen Kalotte and Bjorn Van Rijszen. So be easy and free and enjoy your hobbies.

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