How To Build A Bigger Shoulder At Home

Build Your Shoulder At Home
– Hey, what’s up? Josh here once again and today, I wanna teach you and to show you how to build a nice shoulder at home without gym equipment. Now, a disclaimer. According to my previous chest video, I do not achieve this entire physique from doing body weight only, right? Most of my training is from the gym. And if you wanna learn more on my secrets, how I transform this physique, all my experience throughout this decade, please click the card above. Right, this is where you get all my training content. Now, let’s get back to the topic. So, shoulder consist of three main part. The front shoulder, the front delt. The lateral, the side delt. And the rear delt here.

So, in order to get a complete, nice shoulder, we have to train three Heads of them. The first head will be trigger, will be stimulate from anything related with pushing, alright, and mainly vertical pushing. Okay, so the exercise that you can do is, get a chair. So the name for this exercise is a pike push up, and this is how it look like. So your feet on the chair. Your grip, shoulder width apart or go a little bit wider.

And right here, don’t just do like this. I will recommend you to push your hip high up, and this is where you form a nice degree, and lowering yourself down and push. Now, I know this is a little bit extreme and for beginners, if you want to try, you can do this version. First thing first, you must learn how to do a proper push up. If you still don’t know how to do it, check the video over here, alright? The floor version of a pike push up. In a push up position. The feet, you wanna come close and push your hip high up and lowering your body down. Press. This exercise also train the upper chest.

Take it as a bonus. Right, so how many repetition you should do. Aim about 10 to 15 repetitions, do about four working sets. And another exercise that trains your front shoulder and that is the hand stand push up. Hand stand push up is only for advanced trainer or expert. It is very hard to do even for me, I’m still struggling. Depending on your body weight, the heavier you are, the harder it gets. Just like this. Find a flat wall. And make sure before you do your hand stand push up, you have to see, is anything on top here, alright? Because you may hit them. For here, example, I gotta remove my clock.

Alright, so it’s all good here. To set this up, you may need to place your hand here and a good start is, use your head, contact to the wall, to just give you the sense that, you know, the wall is right here. So therefore, you can put yourself upside down. And right now, you have to kick up. This is really extreme, right. Up. This and then a push up. Right, just a few reps. I feeling blood rush already. Right, this is really extreme. And give it a try only if you are very strong. If not, a pike push up will work. Moving on next, now is the side shoulders. Side shoulder is what give you the nice cap, from the side and from the back.

So anything related with raises, especially side raises, will trains the *side* delt. So what you can use is actually back to the same old gallon bottle. Right, depending on your fitness level. If you’re strong, you can get the full gallon water. If it’s too heavy for you, maybe you just go half. So from here, you need to do a lateral raise. And this is how it look like. ‘kay, so from the side view. ‘kay, so once you’re done, move on to the opposite. Or you can get two gallons of bottled water. So to get this exercise right, I see a lot of people actually do like arms fully straight. Okay? Well, it’s not necessary to keep your arms straight. It will give a lot of pressure to your shoulder.

You can bend a little bit. Keep your elbow bent a little bit, keep your forearms tight and raise it up. ‘kay? This is where you train a side shoulder. And it is not necessary to go all the way up. You see, more doesn’t mean better. Right, your shoulder actually work best from here, to here. Anything higher, perhaps you’re training your traps. If you can’t get one bottle o’ water, what you can use is a towel. And to do this is very easy, right. All you do is giving pressure. Right, let’s say you want to train your right, your left you can pull and then raise using the right arm. This how stimulate the side delt. Right, very easy. And the opposite, let’s say you want to train the left. Pull from the right. There. So last of all, the back head is very simple. It’s just bend over. Anything bending over and raise with the same gallon of bottle. A dumbbell or even a towel will work the rear delt.

It’s because of the degree, right. Like this, train the side. Like this, you train the back. Alright, so this can be done with doing a hip hinge, and once again, giving pressure and raise. Right, the other side. Pressure. Same thing, don’t overdo it, alright? Same goes to this, it’s not necessary to really go all the way up, right. If not, you’ll hit your back muscles instead. Right, so repetitions for side delt and rear delt, I would like to go a little bit higher reps. 15 repetitions to 20 repetitions, for one set. So do about four working sets. So there you have it, I hope you learnt something today, and once again, doing this exercise at home will help you to gain a little bit of muscles at first, but over time, if you want to bring out your physique to a next level, you have to use weights, because that really challenge you in terms of muscle overloading, alright? It’s depending on your goal.

I believe not everybody wants to get a big physique, right? Whatever works for you, and see you in the next video. Peace. .

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