Take Advantage of Post-Pandemic Conditions to Set Up a Business

After a devastating storm comes a period of calm and rebuilding. The world is slowly but steadily recovering from pandemic. The economy is almost back to normal, says CNN, and market demand is climbing steadily. If you’ve always dreamed of starting your own business, this is an ideal time for launch – and that goes double for seniors, who bring added experience and determination to the table.  

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So here’s how you should take advantage of post-pandemic conditions to set up a successful business, courtesy of The Online Review.

Understand that recessions can be blessings in disguise 

Believe it or not, some of the biggest companies in the world started during a recession, like IBM, HP, Disney, and Trader Joe’s. Government support and low-interest loans are plentiful, the market is full of talented people out of a job for you to poach, office equipment and rent are cheaper, and the market has recovered by leaps and bounds.   

Target industries with big profit margins 

The pandemic taught us many lessons, one of the biggest being savings are essential. If you want your budding business to survive future recessions, you’ll have to build a big financial cushion. Your business will have to be seriously profitable, in other words – minor profits may not cut it. For the best results, target future-proof industries like IT that will always be in demand. Furthermore, always follow business best practices.   

Leverage technology

Technology could be your biggest asset in the digital era. You can use technology to optimize and organize critical business processes, from product design to customer care. Bookkeeping and budgeting apps can help keep your cash flow stable and expenses under control. As a budding business, cash will be tight. Technology is what will allow you to keep up with the competition on a budget.   

Keep in mind that customers are changing 

The market is now heavily influenced by millennials and zoomers. They tend to be a savvy, idealistic bunch not easily swayed by run-of-the-mill marketing tactics.  Winning them over involves displaying authenticity, providing a tailored experience, giving them their money’s worth, and generally being a brand with values. Be prepared to innovate and go above and beyond with your product or services. 

Make your business stand out 

With the market being saturated across every niche, differentiation is paramount. You have to make your business unique and recognizable. Some ways to do so include offering stellar customer service, giving back with loyalty programs, having a strong online presence, and offering an omnichannel experience. 

Having a unique, likable brand logo helps cement your brand name into customers’ minds. Moreover, it builds up brand awareness and makes differentiation easy.    

Form a business entity and protect yourself 

Lastly, get the legalities sorted out. An informal business structure like a sole proprietorship doesn’t protect your personal assets if your business is ever sued. By forming an LLC, the most popular structure, you separate yourself legally from your business and keep your assets safe. You also receive other benefits like easier taxes, less paperwork, and more flexibility when running. Check your state’s LLC requirements before moving ahead. You can avoid steep lawyer fees by opting for a formation service to help with the paperwork. 

Something else to consider: these days, it’s absolutely essential that you safeguard your business – and your customers – against a cyber attack. After all, that’s not just a consideration for major corporations anymore. In fact, many hackers specifically target smaller businesses because they often have less stringent security measures than bigger corporations. But because smaller businesses are more financially vulnerable, it’s especially important that you take cybersecurity seriously.

Go back to school

There’s a lot that goes into launching a business, and if you’re starting to get cold feet after reading through these suggestions. don’t let this stop you! You might simply need to build up your business acumen before you’re comfortable opening a business. Seniors in particular understand that we never stop learning, and going back to school provides a great opportunity to expand your knowledge. And if you opt for an advanced business degree, you will also learn more about business management and operations, marketing, accounting and leadership – all necessary skills for a successful startup. 


Even with an ideal start, running a business isn’t a walk in the park. There will be ups and downs. But seniors are uniquely qualified to see the big picture and think long-term. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are successful businesses. So keep going, learn as you go, and don’t give up!

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