Top Foods That FIGHT The Process Of Aging

Today I’m going to be going over the top 10 superfoods that support anti-aging & no, It’s not pizza. If you want to look younger, feel younger, if you want to have healthier skin, thicker skin, hair, and nails, then I’m going to be going over, again, the top foods and herbs. They’re going to help you do just that. And I’ll tell you I notice a lot of people who start to age faster than they should. Now a lot of that’s emotional stress. Some of it is due to not getting the right type of foods in your diet.

Have you ever seen anybody who was in their 60s but you could swear they were 20 years younger and vice versa someone who is in their 40s that looks 60? There are reasons for that. A lot of it has to do with diet toxicity, the things you’re eating on a daily basis. And hey, help me spread the word. Today’s episode I’m going to be talking about how to use food as medicine for anti-aging. Take a second right now. Punch your share button. Click your love button. Help me spread the word on how to use food as medicine.

All right, I’m going to dive right in and start talking about these top 10 foods. Number one are figs. Now figs are incredible. And figs in Greece and in Israel we’re known to be an anti-aging food. Now figs, specifically, you can see this reddish color in there. Those are flavonoids and different types of antioxidants and the largest amount of antioxidants that are found in figs are actually on the skin, okay? On the skin area, figs are incredible for their health. Even those little seeds you’ll see in there are full of omega-3 fats.

But the biggest benefit of figs is that they contain a proteolytic enzyme called ficin. And ficin actually reduces inflammation throughout the body and supports anti-aging and it’s good for so many things but it’s loaded with antioxidants, some omegas in the seeds, and also these proteolytic enzymes. So figs, when you can get them fresh or dried is one of the best anti-aging foods out there today. And I’ll mention, as well, another great fruit to go with figs to be pomegranates. Pomegranates contain similar antioxidants and flavonoids which help with that anti-aging process.

So again, get figs in your diet to support anti-aging. The next thing in here is collagen protein. You can take a collagen protein supplement or a bone broth collagen protein supplement on a daily basis and add a scoop to a smoothie and the benefits are tremendous.

We know when your skin starts to sag, it’s because your body isn’t producing as much collagen. As you age your body produces less collagen over time. And remember this; collagen is the glue that holds your body together. It’s the glue. It’s that adhesive that tones and tightened your skin. When your body produces less collagen and when you get less collagen in your diet, it’s what will start to cause premature wrinkles and sagging.

If you’re getting sagging in different areas of your body, collagen can help that. Collagen help support firmness and tonus in the body, and that’s why two of my favorite protein powders are a bone broth powdered protein and a collagen protein on a regular basis. So again, make sure you’re getting plenty of straight collagen in your diet every single day. And you’ll notice this in anti-aging creams. Many of them contain collagen. Some of them contain hyaluronic acid but they contain compounds that help tone, tighten, and firm the skin. You got to get collagen at least one to two servings in your diet every single day to support anti-aging benefits.

Another superfood is chaga. Chaga is the prized medicinal mushroom from China. Now there are many beneficial medicinal mushrooms. Reishi would be the other one I would put on this list. Now reishi is prized in Chinese medicine as being the mushroom of immortality. Click here for The #1 WORST food for your skin, joints & blood sugar?

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